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My Services

Pilates One to One coaching 

Bespoke one to one coaching for your fitness goals and needs

Corporate Pilates and Fitness Classes

I offer group classes for corporate events for all levels of fitness. 

Nutrition Coaching 

I offer nutrition coaching to help improve your lifestyle and diet.

My pain free journey

“What is your goal in life? Would you like to move faster? Improve your overall posture? Dance again? Take care of your loved ones? Regain energy?”

Six years ago, I was in and out of hospitals, physio rooms and chiropractors’ clinics—diagnosed with a slipped disc. I was constantly dependent on medicine and medical appointments to relieve my pains. In addition to this, I also used muscle pain relief balms, creams, hot packs, massage, muscle manipulation and a host of various other tools and interventions. However, they hardly changed my life.


Health care professionals have repeatedly advised me to avoid all forms of activity except for light activities such as leisure walking. As a result, I was afraid to resume my dancing, exercising and weight lifting, in order to avoid further back injuries. 


However, I soon had additional problems—my body was getting stiffer and weaker and at 30, I felt more like 50. 


Then, I found Pilates and realised the importance of moving safely and painlessly.


Pilates was originally conceptualized by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century to help rehabilitate injured soldiers during the Second World War. In the current day, Pilates helps to stabilize the body, utilising tools such as the Pilates reformer machine, wunda chair and spine corrector. 


I am trained in the BASI Pilates method and the NASM fitness method, both of which offer a scientific method of exercising that particularly address the issues faced by modern officer goers like you. 


Little by little, as I moved more, safely and painlessly, my fears slowly evaporated as strength and flexibility returned to my body. The pains in my lower back and shoulders disappeared. Core strengthening exercises were particularly helpful, and I naturally stood taller and straighter than ever before. 


With my certification, training and experiences I would also love to help you move with ease and strength. I understand if your body is preventing you from living and simple things present you with problems. I may also work together with your own physiotherapists and chiropractitioners (if applicable) to develop a holistic treatment plan that will help you to maximise your life potential…It isn’t over yet!

My teaching approach

Green Clean Process Infographic Chart and Graph Instagram Post.png

Teaching process 


Initial Posture review and assessment

  •  Posture review and assessment 

  •  Assessment would include review of goals, health concerns that are unique to your body and lifestyle. 

  •  Discuss program goals


Bespoke Programme tailored to you

  • I will design a bespoke tailored for your goals, either to improve muscle weakness, posture or stronger core. 

  • Each session will be 50 mins with 5 mins of Q & A. The session will entail a Theragun message session to activate muscles, 45 mins Pilates exercise session and a 5 min aromatherapy relaxation session with Ayurvedic organic oils. 

  • How many sessions do you need ? This will entirely depend on your goals. Joseph Pilates is quoted saying “In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference, and in 30 you'll have a whole new body.” Most of my clients train at minimum once or twice a week to see results


Reassessment & Maintenance  

At the completion of your package, I will reassess your posture and review of your overall goals and results, based on that we can plan a next course of action and new fitness goals to suit your needs.

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